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Another Day, Another Rack

August 18, 2013

At Spotflux we are rapidly expanding and constantly opening up new datacenter locations. At our latest deployment Federico took a time-lapse video to show the meticulous work that goes into getting a rack ready for servers.  Here are some best practices that we like to follow when deploying new racks that you’ll notice in the video…

1) All things networking go in the center of the rack. This breaks up the total number of cables being run alongside the rack at any given moment and improves air circulation.

2) Fully redundant everything – from power to switches to fiber drops – everything in the racks is fully redundant

3) Pink ethernet cables. Because we can and no one else does.

Some things you won’t see in this video is that when fully loaded with spotflux nodes, a rack like this

1)  Has the ability to push 40 gigabits of sustained internet traffic .

2) Will run up to 2000 cpu cores per rack

3) Will basically make any other VPN or cloud security provider cry 🙂

OK – except maybe Cloudflare , which is solving many similar problems as us from a much different perspective.