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Tag: Privacy

Debunking the Myths of VPN Service Providers

August 20, 2013

Think your VPN provider is looking out for your security and privacy? A lot of snake oil is sold in the VPN service industry these days. The terms “privacy” and “security” are tossed around fairly loosely without much regard for what they actually mean. In fact this is why the team at Spotflux doesn’t like our service to be called a VPN, its akin to calling Facebook a website – what we do is so far beyond a VPN service that it just doesn’t compare. In this post we’re going to address some of the ridiculous snake oil being sold to consumers in the VPN service space and try to help you understand some ¬†important nuances to consider when looking for a company that will protect your privacy and security online.


Snake Oil Concoction #1 – VPNs make you private because they Hide Your IP Address

Most VPN providers do indeed “mask” your ip address by re-routing traffic through their servers. Your IP address does indeed look different and this may be good enough to trick some GEO-IP based filters into thinking you are somewhere else than your actual location. The myth however is that you are somehow “more private” just by having a different IP address – this couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s take a look at an example… read more …

Wired: Online Security Stakes Have Been Raised

July 30, 2013


This month Wired published a thought provoking piece about how the online security game has changed. Online services have been evolving at a rapid clip, and user adoption and behavior continually evolve to reflect that of a mainstream audience. The traditional form of online security is threatened increasingly by these changes, forcing innovation and rapid evolution to provide a worthwhile approach. The author outlines a new paradigm, citing Spotflux as an example in which handing the reins to others to handle security off the device and in the cloud provides an effective barrier of protection. Although this may not have the traditional form of what is considered device security, at Spotflux we believe this approach is the future. In fact, we’ve worked hard to build a massive infrastructure and some really deep technology to prove it.